Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Friend Donna

I met Donna 2 years ago. We met at the church we were attending before our move. We were asked to help the Celebrate Recovery team there. Rick Warren began "CR" many years ago. Celebrate Recovery meetings are for anyone to come and talk in a safe and loving atmosphere. A God centered place to talk about their trials with substance abuse or with the many problems and habits that stop us, or hinder us from walking in the freedom Jesus purchased for us on the cross.

The moment I saw Donna, heard her voice, I knew she would be coming to 'the garden' with me. She cannot speak for herself today, she has had a series of strokes the past month. I will endeavour to honor her in this conversation.

I went to see her again yesterday in the hospital with another friend. The two worlds I live in, collided there in that hospital room. Permit me to explain. I live in this space, earth, I call it 'my home away from home'. I have another place I frequent, I call it 'my bench, in His garden'. Thus the name for the blog. This has been our secret, mine and the Lord's until now.

I gave names to these places where I live after reading a book by a lady named Jill Briscoe. She writes wonderful little books of poetry and shares her thoughts of life in places she calls "the shallow place where everyone lives" and "on the steps of my soul". More about her books another time.

I know Jill won't mind that I have named the places where I live and commune with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Years ago, I thought perhaps I might be a little "wonky" in the brain or playing make believe when running off as quick and often as I could to be with the Lord in peace and quiet ! I have since learned other saints do this too : ) Whew !

I didn't dream of naming these places. Until I read Jill's books....thank you Jill ! It's OK if you still think I am a little "wonky" in the brain : ) I borrow the term 'wonky' from a rather new friend who lives in Wales. She 'waffles on and on' as she calls it in her letters. She writes real letters, remember those ?

Back to Jill Briscoe. I didn't want to be a copy cat when naming these places, but I don't think she would mind at all. She tells a story about "copy-catting". She once borrowed from her husband a whole sermon, word for word : ) ! A very funny story from her early days of being asked to speak in public. I know she would encouraged her readers to commune as oft as they might in a special place with the Lord, and I know that place is just a breath away.

As I said at the beginning of this story, my two world's collided yesterday. Not the first time that ever happened. A hospital is a place where I always get a 'reality SNAP'. Seeing my precious friend laying there, looking as though she had already departed this world....nearly crushed me. So pale and thin. No one else was in the room when my friend and I went in except Donna's boyfriend. The tears flowed like rain. I touched her forehead, kissed all over her face, her hands. Jesus ! Jesus ! Jesus I cried inside or did His Name just pour out ? Yes it did.

I have to go now, some of my friends are on their way to our house, they want to comfort me. I am going to let them. I'll be back to finish this post later today (I hope) Robyn

Now to finish the post.

The Lord God, the God of miracles, the One True and Living God, Donna's Savior is with her ! He IS Comforter when we can't get the pillows to lay right or say all the right things ! He IS the overflowing Fountain giving her Living Water to drink, when the doctors say NPO ! He IS Daily Bread even though the doctors say she cannot swallow ! He IS the GOOD NEWS when all they bring is bad news !

We rehearsed all our news with her, all the things He has for us yet to do. We would not be sad there in His presence !

As we spoke to her, now and then she would respond as best she could. She would try so hard to speak...move a foot, somehow let us know she knew we were there, knew we were talking to her, praying for her. She knew, we know she knew...

We kissed her again and again and left that room. We walked the long way back to my car, speaking very little...we had not left her alone. There were others in that room when we left, but I speak of Him who sticks closer than a brother....HE IS IAM to Donna today.

LIVE DONNA TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY ! We are standing with you, bombarding Heaven with our prayers....



  1. We are praying with you for Donna. Mercy, Lord.

    I'm THRILLED that you decided to start your own blog. Now the world, or you know, whatever portion of the world wanders by here gets to partake of the wisdom the Lord Himself has given you. Sometimes very hard earned, sometimes with great joy. All I know is Donna, and all whom you love are incredibly blessed to have you as a friend. Not as blessed as the boys and I though, we have the privilege of calling you Mom. I really love you and am so excited about this. Write, write, write!

  2. Thank you Molly. This means so much to me. I will have my armor close at hand, just in case : ) Chances are, very few people will ever see or read it. Jill Briscoe was right though, it did help to write it out. I used to write everyday, did you ever see those prayer journals I wrote when you were small ? Every prayer I prayed over you and everyone else I knew for that matter ! A new believer I was. I think, I think, in a moment of pride or ? that I threw them both away. One was red, one with blue flowers, both hardbound books. Oh well, live and learn. Love you my sweet, Mom

  3. wowwwww robyn, I've not understood all you've written, but I'm now one of your followers