Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Post Soon

I've wanted to put up a new post for a week now. Time and life have not permitted. I do want to let you know that hospice is caring for our friend Donna now, since Sunday the 26th. It may not be long now till Donna enters into the most wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place of all, heaven....and into the waiting, welcoming arms of Jesus. She will be free of all the bonds of this earth. Free to worship without ceasing......free to dance. Dance to the sounds of such worship we cannot even begin to imagine, yet.

For today ? Enjoy what the Lord has given to you. Take the time to hold your child, your spouse, a friend. Look into their eyes, tell them how much you love them, count them a blessing in your life. Encourage each other in the Lord. Build each other up in the most holy faith. Bless, don't curse. Trust, don't worry. Worship, don't want. Take time to be still, be quiet before our incredible merciful Almighty God.

Love in Jesus, Robyn

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