Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help Me Oh Lord to Give Out What I Have Been Given !

The love of God is comprehensive. There isn't any part of our lives that He doesn't consider. Our welfare concerns Him. I am comforted by this and rest assured in it.

Not that I don't question, I do, but I conclude that He is worthy to be trusted. I want to reflect this trust to those who are still searching, this brings Him glory. Each of us must examine our own hearts, and hopefully come to the same conclusion. We don't know all the answers, we can know the The One who does.

We need Him again today. We have lost another loved one. After saying good-bye to a friend just a week ago, we now are laying out clothes and making preparations for another funeral. So suddenly he is gone. We prepare to minister to those in shock and disbelief.

How ? By rehearsing the goodness of God. For me, it's the only way I can prepare. I have no 'stiff upper lip' to offer. Deep in my heart is where I must go to have anything to give to anyone else.

If it's not there, if the knowledge of the goodness of God isn't already there, already in my heart the moment it is needed, I'd come up empty. The words I'd have to say would ring hollow and never bring Glory to God or a soul to salvation.

I must prepare everyday by going to the well of Living Water. "Spring up, Oh Well !" (Numbers 21:17) Then when a dry and thirsty soul is presented, Lord fill my mouth, open my mouth to speak and LIVING Water that will quench. Not my words oh Lord, Your Word. Giver of all life speak through me today.

So I rehearse now. Consider soul, what His love has brought you---justification, adoption, sanctification, eternal life ! The riches of your goodness are unsearchable; yet help me conceive of them and convey them.

As Charles Spurgeon said, "I will go out with rejoicing that we are not desolate wanderers but beloved children, watched over, cared for, supplied, and defended by our Lord Jesus ! His tender loving care will not meet with only a faint responds from me !"

Stir me up oh Lord ! You, in Whom we find all our fresh and flowing springs !


Monday, May 4, 2009

Donna K. Knight

Our sweet sweet precious friend is in the arms of JESUS at this very moment ! We are left to weep for ourselves and remember her and how she lived among us. She knows no pain, she knows no regrets. She only knows the GLORY OF HER SAVIOUR !

My tears running, I am crying and rejoicing all at the same time, do you know that way of grieving ? Worship music on and on my face....thanking God for having known her. Thanking Him that she touched our hearts with her bright smiling face, her bouncy blond pony tail.

She believed that she was forgiven all her sin all her debt...and now, now she is free, the freest one can ever ever ever be ! Praising you Lord. Hug her for us ! She'll never know sorrow again ! Praise you praise you praise you Lord...........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Post Soon

I've wanted to put up a new post for a week now. Time and life have not permitted. I do want to let you know that hospice is caring for our friend Donna now, since Sunday the 26th. It may not be long now till Donna enters into the most wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place of all, heaven....and into the waiting, welcoming arms of Jesus. She will be free of all the bonds of this earth. Free to worship without to dance. Dance to the sounds of such worship we cannot even begin to imagine, yet.

For today ? Enjoy what the Lord has given to you. Take the time to hold your child, your spouse, a friend. Look into their eyes, tell them how much you love them, count them a blessing in your life. Encourage each other in the Lord. Build each other up in the most holy faith. Bless, don't curse. Trust, don't worry. Worship, don't want. Take time to be still, be quiet before our incredible merciful Almighty God.

Love in Jesus, Robyn

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good News For the Family

No day goes by without something new to give thanks for. Many of us have been sowing seeds of prayer for family and friends that need jobs and merciful answers to other petitions as well.

Those seeds always sprout ! Sometimes it's just not the answer we wanted....I have to remind myself every day, Father knows best.

Yesterday we heard some answers that caused us to rejoice. Yay ! A nephew got a good job, close to home. So close he can walk to work and home for lunch. About six months in coming...but it came, praise the Lord. And in this "economy" too : ) "Nothing is impossible with God........"

One of my two sisters has a work related injury. A long process of doctors, workman's comp "issues" etc. Her employers have not been kind to her through it. They have postponed her return to work again and again.

Money began to get tight, well actually more like non-existent. We prayed again and again. Our husbands, daughters and other friends joined in prayer. We talked to the unemployed sister again, telling her we will continue to pray, and to have hope (she is not yet a believer in Christ). She got a call that evening to return to work. Thank you Lord....thank you so much. We are believing that "......your goodness will lead her to repentance...." and to salvation.

We wonder why it takes so long sometimes, don't we ? I'm beginning to be comfortable with knowing that every answer is in His timing. Well duh. When will I learn, ' anxious for nothing..." ?

Another nephew wanted a merciful decision from the worldly court system. We wanted a merciful decision as well, but at the same time wanting God's best for him, however that might work out.

The Word of God says God has reign over all hearts. Even the hearts of kings, judges and politicians. That is puzzling to us at times, isn't it ? For me, questions about how that works never end.

This nephew has praying parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. We went to our Jesus, our advocate, the One who ever intercedes for us to plead his case, and waited. Waited 16 months. Months without being allowed to hug him or touch is hair, touch his hand. No birthday parties, or Christmas gifts. Only a glass wall between him and his loved ones.

The day came for him to stand before the worldly judge. Was this judge a Godly man ? Did he have sons ? Would he have mercy on this first time offender ? After listening to the prosecutor all day, their hearts were getting heavy and yet, having listened to the judges' decisions all day, their hearts were still hoped for mercy. He seemed a fair man.

His parents, sister and brother-in-law sat in a tiny court room, only 5 feet away from the young man they loved. His mother asked, 'could we hug him, just one time?' 'No you may not' was the answer from the guard.

Our nephew got mercy. Thank you Lord...thank you so much.

He has a long way to go to total freedom, but mercy we asked for, mercy he got. He still needs so much help from you Lord in the days ahead. As he feels the warm sunshine, looks through windows with no bars, and may know doors that are not locked 24/7.

Most of all he needs to return to your house Lord. He knew you as a child, I know he did.

We watch in hope as you move heaven and earth to bring him and all the prodigals home.

Thank you Lord for another day filled with things to give thanks for. Some days we don't see those things....remind us Holy Spirit, remind us over and over again, cause us to see Your hand at work ! We'll give You the Glory and Honor, for You alone are Worthy ! Worthy to be matter the answer, no matter the outcome. No matter what, You are Worthy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Friend Donna

I met Donna 2 years ago. We met at the church we were attending before our move. We were asked to help the Celebrate Recovery team there. Rick Warren began "CR" many years ago. Celebrate Recovery meetings are for anyone to come and talk in a safe and loving atmosphere. A God centered place to talk about their trials with substance abuse or with the many problems and habits that stop us, or hinder us from walking in the freedom Jesus purchased for us on the cross.

The moment I saw Donna, heard her voice, I knew she would be coming to 'the garden' with me. She cannot speak for herself today, she has had a series of strokes the past month. I will endeavour to honor her in this conversation.

I went to see her again yesterday in the hospital with another friend. The two worlds I live in, collided there in that hospital room. Permit me to explain. I live in this space, earth, I call it 'my home away from home'. I have another place I frequent, I call it 'my bench, in His garden'. Thus the name for the blog. This has been our secret, mine and the Lord's until now.

I gave names to these places where I live after reading a book by a lady named Jill Briscoe. She writes wonderful little books of poetry and shares her thoughts of life in places she calls "the shallow place where everyone lives" and "on the steps of my soul". More about her books another time.

I know Jill won't mind that I have named the places where I live and commune with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Years ago, I thought perhaps I might be a little "wonky" in the brain or playing make believe when running off as quick and often as I could to be with the Lord in peace and quiet ! I have since learned other saints do this too : ) Whew !

I didn't dream of naming these places. Until I read Jill's books....thank you Jill ! It's OK if you still think I am a little "wonky" in the brain : ) I borrow the term 'wonky' from a rather new friend who lives in Wales. She 'waffles on and on' as she calls it in her letters. She writes real letters, remember those ?

Back to Jill Briscoe. I didn't want to be a copy cat when naming these places, but I don't think she would mind at all. She tells a story about "copy-catting". She once borrowed from her husband a whole sermon, word for word : ) ! A very funny story from her early days of being asked to speak in public. I know she would encouraged her readers to commune as oft as they might in a special place with the Lord, and I know that place is just a breath away.

As I said at the beginning of this story, my two world's collided yesterday. Not the first time that ever happened. A hospital is a place where I always get a 'reality SNAP'. Seeing my precious friend laying there, looking as though she had already departed this world....nearly crushed me. So pale and thin. No one else was in the room when my friend and I went in except Donna's boyfriend. The tears flowed like rain. I touched her forehead, kissed all over her face, her hands. Jesus ! Jesus ! Jesus I cried inside or did His Name just pour out ? Yes it did.

I have to go now, some of my friends are on their way to our house, they want to comfort me. I am going to let them. I'll be back to finish this post later today (I hope) Robyn

Now to finish the post.

The Lord God, the God of miracles, the One True and Living God, Donna's Savior is with her ! He IS Comforter when we can't get the pillows to lay right or say all the right things ! He IS the overflowing Fountain giving her Living Water to drink, when the doctors say NPO ! He IS Daily Bread even though the doctors say she cannot swallow ! He IS the GOOD NEWS when all they bring is bad news !

We rehearsed all our news with her, all the things He has for us yet to do. We would not be sad there in His presence !

As we spoke to her, now and then she would respond as best she could. She would try so hard to speak...move a foot, somehow let us know she knew we were there, knew we were talking to her, praying for her. She knew, we know she knew...

We kissed her again and again and left that room. We walked the long way back to my car, speaking very little...we had not left her alone. There were others in that room when we left, but I speak of Him who sticks closer than a brother....HE IS IAM to Donna today.

LIVE DONNA TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY ! We are standing with you, bombarding Heaven with our prayers....