Monday, May 4, 2009

Donna K. Knight

Our sweet sweet precious friend is in the arms of JESUS at this very moment ! We are left to weep for ourselves and remember her and how she lived among us. She knows no pain, she knows no regrets. She only knows the GLORY OF HER SAVIOUR !

My tears running, I am crying and rejoicing all at the same time, do you know that way of grieving ? Worship music on and on my face....thanking God for having known her. Thanking Him that she touched our hearts with her bright smiling face, her bouncy blond pony tail.

She believed that she was forgiven all her sin all her debt...and now, now she is free, the freest one can ever ever ever be ! Praising you Lord. Hug her for us ! She'll never know sorrow again ! Praise you praise you praise you Lord...........

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